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The Huffington Post's approach to liveblogging

So this piece is a few months old, but it’s a worthwhile read because it shows how liveblogging can deepen a user’s interest in a story.

Writing at the Nieman Journalism Lab blog, Simon Owens asks HuffPo Executive Editor Nico Pitney about the goals of liveblogging:

"We basically imagined three types of readers,” Pitney said. “One who just wanted the key facts from the story, a solid overview that’s basically a traditional news story. This person is not interested in the minute details and the liveblog coverage. Then there’s another type of user who already knows the overview and does want the key facts and liveblog coverage. And finally there’s a third kind of user — and we count this as a large percentage of our users — who wanted the overview, but then once they saw the liveblog, it got them in deeper, and it made them more engaged in the story.”